Beloved in Christ,

We greet you in the matchless name of our Saviour and Risen Redeemer Lord Jesus Christ.

We are happy to submit the report of the years 2011 and 2012.

"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift." - II Cor 9: 15

We are glad to speak to you through the special edition of our church magazine issued on the day of its dedication. Our church has been built new and big, by the immeasurable grace of God, tireless works and different actions of our church members.

Old Age Homes Visit!

Every month, we meet in the evening of the 2nd Sunday, to visit senior citizens in "Anbagam" which is run by our diocese in the Adyar area. There, we meet the old people, speak to them lovingly, sing songs praising God, share God's message, and bear witness, and we also pray for their well being. During the months of Christmas we make them happy by giving them special gifts. During most of our visits, many mothers and youth join us to come and honor the old people.

Ministry amidst the Sick

Every Sunday after the morning service, we gather all the sick people who are at the entrance of our church. We share the message of Christ's love with them, and also pray for the saving of their body and soul. We hear their witness and problems and take necessary actions and also give them suitable advice. Every Sunday we not only distribute lunch packets, but also give them special food and new clothes on festivals and other special occasions.

Helping the Ministry

We organize prayer meetings in the houses of our members and also help in conducting them. Every year we help in setting up "stalls" during our church's harvest festival, mission festival, diocesan mission festival, N.M.S.I and I.M.S sales to collect funds for our missionaries and gospel mission workers. During the Christmas season, we go caroling as the men's fellowship choir, to visit our members' homes to greet and pray for them. Many of us also participate in the village ministry and preach the gospel.

Giving Financial Aid to the Ministries

Keerapakkam village old age day home is one of the missions successfully run by our diocese. We donate Rs. 500/- every month for the mid-day meal. Every month we also give Rs. 300/- to an IMS tribal woman to provide for her education. In order to provide for our church's building fund and diocesan missionaries, we set up stalls to sell wild honey and pickles and give the entire amount as donations.

Overseeing Mission Fields

We have arranged many trips to various mission fields through our fellowship. We have visited IMS and NMSI mission fields all over India like Darjeeling, Nepal, Sikkim, Guindy and Bijapur in Karnataka, Dhoranakal and Veeranamalai in Andhra Pradesh, Thirupathur, Javvathu and Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu. God had gracefully given an opportunity to see for ourselves the ministry and mission works that were being done in these places. As we organize and execute these mission field trips, many of us are burdened to do the Lord's ministry and are also provoked to support our missionaries who are working in difficult conditions by prayers and offerings. Praise the Lord.


"But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry" (II Tim 4: 5). Being part of the "Risen Redeemer" we should all own the advice given by Apostle Paul to Timothy, to do the ministry through our fellowship and bring glory to God. All praise, honor and glory belong to God. May God bless you all! We pray that He will use you to do His ministry!

Women's Fellowship

On behalf of the Women's Fellowship, we greet our beloved congregation in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are grateful to our beloved Pastor and Pastor Amma, for working together and we are thankful for all their support.

We are happy to submit the report of the years 2011 and 2012.

At first, we would like to offer our heartfelt praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. Even though there are many women in our church, only about 50 of them are working together, effectively as a group.

Every month, we meet on the 2nd week after the Sunday Worship Service. During the fellowship, we worship and celebrate the Lord. On the 4th Saturday, we have a fasting prayer meet. On every Thursday, we have Out Reach Ministry at Mrs. Sarah Abraham and Mrs. Lilly John residences. We are thankful to our women fellowship members for their generous offering for the Harvest Festival on 11/9/11

We are happy to inform that 32 of our members went on a trip to Tharangampadi on 5/11/11, which was instrumental in creating the 1st Bible.

On 20/11/11, there was a one day retreat conducted at a place called, Vadakadapanthangal. Lead by our Pastor Amma, 15 of our members attended the retreat. We shared the Gospel with the women in that village. We also conducted Bible, Poetry, singing and dance competitions and presented them with prizes and lunch.

On 17/12/11, during our Christmas Tree celebrations, our beloved Pastor gave us the message. We went on Carol Rounds for 3 days and visited houses and collected funds and shared the joy of our Lord's Birth with others.

13 of our members went to the Prayer Altar at the Lite Auditorium and offered prayers on 18/1/12. On 4.12.11 & 9/2/12 we had a Breakfast Sale after service and collected funds. On 9/3/12, World Prayer Day was observed for justice seeking people in Malaysia. On 16/2/12, some of our senior members went with Pastor Amma, to visit houses and pray for them.

A special Lent one day retreat was conducted on 23/3/12 at a guest house in Pallavaram. 40 of our members participated and Romans Bible Quiz and sport competitions were held. Mrs. Inbakumar gave us the Lord's message.

The women's fellowship conducted a City Mission Sale on 15/4/12. We also participated in the Mission Festival song competition on 7/7/12 and praised the Lord. We also took part in a Women's Conference on the 11th & 12th of the same month.

At this time we would like to present a loving request to our sisters in Christ in our congregation. Women are like the eyes of a country, lamps of a family and lights of the church. Therefore, we humbly call all our sisters to join this fellowship and magnify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and strive to do greater things for Him. Amen.

Thank You.

Head of the Women's Fellowship - Mrs. E. Grace Hephzibah Baburao

Secretary of the Women's Fellowship - Mrs. Elizabeth Ebinesar

Treasurer of the Women's Fellowship - Mrs. Vasantha Samuel

Youth Fellowship

The purpose of the Christian Youth Fellowship at Risen Redeemer Church (R.R.C) is:

  • To involve the youth in the work of Christ
  • To promote Christian faith and growth
  • To provide an outreach for spiritual and personal development
  • To foster future leaders and
  • To promote genuine Christian fellowship amongst the youth

It is the constant goal of the elders of the R.R.C to provide opportunities for youth to be trained in Christian living. This will enable them to enrich their lives through WORSHIP, BIBLE STUDY, DISCUSSION, CHRISTIAN SERVICE AND RECREATION.

To help the youth better understand their surroundings and to cope with peer pressure we use the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Using the bible as a personal guide will give them the tools they need to deal with personal and social problems.

The R.R.C encourages freedom of self-expression. We train them in the duties, functions and responsibilities of the church. These exercises in maturity give our youth the leadership skills they need to become an integral part of today's society.

Through interaction with other Christian youth and their families we grow spiritually and holistically. We encourage all youth members from the ages of 18 - 35 to join us for any and all activities that are provided. As our programs continue to grow here, we hope that you will consider being a part of them. Information about specific events can be found in the church bulletin as they come up or you may contact the youth secretary if you have any questions, comments or would like to join our Youth Ministry team.

Sunday School

The Sunday School at Risen Redeemer's church has been active for many years. There are around 100 children, who are part of it. Mrs. Jaya is the director of the Sunday School, ably assisted by Mr. Maniraj and Mrs. Sarala. There are around 17 teachers, who teach from the Beginners to the Super Seniors. Children from ages 3 to 16 come to Sunday School. The classes are divided into Beginners, Primary, Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors and Super Seniors, according to the grades they are in their regular school. There are young college students, who volunteer to teach the children or assist the teachers. The syllabus is provided by the Diocese. The children are taught according to the syllabus and are also well-prepared to do the exam conducted by the Diocese during the month of February, each year.

Every Sunday, the children gather during the hymn for the first offering. The young children are in one group, the teens in another. They sing songs, listen to an inspiring word from the Bible and children who have birthdays the coming week are wished and then they are dispersed to their classes. A workbook is provided for each student. Apart from lessons, games, picnics are arranged for the children, during each year. The older children are especially encouraged to participate in events, music competitions, Bible Quizzes arranged by other churches or Christian groups. This will help the children to uncover their talents.

During the Christmas season, a grand annual programme is conducted where children from all classes will showcase a skit, a dance or a song to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Gifts are given to the children and teachers as a part of Christmas celebrations. The Sunday School is thriving by the Grace of God. It would be more abundant if all children come to Sunday School.


In the year 1963, when the construction of our church was completed, the church choir was set up under the leadership of Mr. J. Bernard Thomas. Mr. D.L.D. Ernest played the organ. After him, Mr. Luke Mathuram continued to play the organ. After that Late Mr. Samuel Raj served as the choir leader and served well as an organist too. After that Mr. Noble Gideon served as choir leader and late Mr. William played the organ. After the demise of Mr. William, Mr. Gnanaselvan served as the organist. After Mr. Noble Gideon, Mr. Devasagayam served as the choir leader.

At present, Mr. L. Washington, Mrs. Betsy Selvakumar, Mr. Isaac, Mr. John Binald, Mrs. Princy Masilamani help in playing the organ during the morning and evening church services. Our choir has taken the best of training to praise and glorify the Lord.

Loving in Christ.

T.S. Suresh Babu