Advent Sunday of Christmas (29-11-2015)

29th November is the first Advent Sunday of Christmas, to celebrate the birth of our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ. This year it was a special occasion at Risen Redeemer, as several ministers of God from different parts of the world had come to attend the morning worship service. Several leaders of churches are all in Chennai, to attend a conference at the synod.

The special guests at Risen Redeemer:

  • Rev. Christopher Ferguson, the General Secretary of World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC)
  • Rev. Charity Majza, an ordained minister of Unity Church, Australia
  • Dr. David Tatem, secretary of Ecumenical & Interfaith Relations, United Reformed Church, UK
  • Rt. Rev. Andrew Rathod, Bishop, Diocese of Pune (CNI)
  • Mrs. Vidhupriya Chakravarthy, Amristsar Diocese (CNI)
  • Rev. Dr. Royce Manoj, EMS Liaison officer, CSI Synod, Chennai

The guests were given a warm welcome, as the service was organised and conducted to treat them to our way of service.

The morning service started with praise & worship by the choir led by our pastor Rev. Indira Paul. The women were beautifully draped in silk sarees and some of the men were attired in dhotis! They also sang a bhajan praising the Lord. During the bhajan, the esteemed guests, pastors, secretary and treasurer lighted the two lamps that were placed at the altar.

Later, they were given a traditional welcome with a garland, shawl and a gift of a chalice to signify the Holy Communion which unifies Christians all over the world. Pastors Rev. Paul Francis and Rev. Indira Paul along with the PC members presented the gifts to the honourable guests.

After each Bible reading, performances by the Sunday school kids, the youth and women's fellowship were conducted before the guests, in order to give them a glimpse of our diverse culture. The Sunday school kids dressed as fishermen and fisherwomen did a folk dance and were dressed in colourful costumes. The youth girls danced for a North Indian based song and were beautifully dressed in vibrant colours that showcased the culture of India to the guests. The members of the women's fellowship both young and old, performed kolattam to the tune of a traditional keerthanai.

The sermon was delivered by Rev. Christopher Ferguson, the General Secretary of World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), which was translated by our pastor Rev. Paul Francis.

After service, the guests were treated to a delicious South Indian breakfast.

It was indeed a special day! We thank our beloved pastors Rev. Paul Francis and Rev. Indira Paul, secretary Mr. V. S. Jebaraj, treasurer Mr. D. Godwin and the PC members for making this a special day for the guests as well as for the congregation.