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Who despises the day of small things .......Zechariah 4 :10

It was on the 14th day of June 1959 a small fellowship meeting was held with the help of Rev. J. Y. Barnabas, organized by Thiru. J. Arumainayagam. The meeting held at the Community Hall at Trustpuram was headed by Rev. C.S. Balraj. In that meeting a request was put forth by Miss. Padma Isaac that a Church was necessary for us to conduct a service regularly. Rev. Pettit promised that the he was ready to conduct the service, if we could select a place. Mrs. S. Selvanayagam graciously allowed us to conduct the service in the car shed at Central Avenue Road.

Mr. D.L.D. Earnest rendered music with his own organ. Rs. 11/- was the offertory received in the first service attended by 17 members. Professor Dowie Abraham and Mr. Samuel gave the Lord's message. This was the humble beginning of small fellowship gathering which by the Grace of God grew into a huge church, providing solace and spiritual guidance to many a generations.

Due to the efforts taken by Miss. Padma Isaac and Dr. Miss. C. Moses, the first regular service was conducted by the then Bishop Madras Rev. David Chellappa on the 21st of June 1959 in the Modern High School Campus. A choir was started with Mr. Bernard Thomas as Choir Master and Mr. Earnest played the organ.

On those days Reverends H.EC. Pettit D. Thomas, Rolf Taylor, David, Purushotham, Mr. Swaminathan, R.D. Newel, N. Sugirtharaj and Gembeeram, conducted services in the Church through City Mission. Subsequently, in 1960, the site where the Church now exists, was purchased and the basement stone was laid by Mr. Koilpillai (C.L.S.). In 1963 Mrs. Sheela Tribe Architect, Madras University prepared the structural drawing of the proposed construction. On October 25th 1963, with God's Grace our Church was Christened as "Church of the Risen Redeemer" by the Bishop Rev. David Chellappa and dedicated. It is heartening to note that the name itself was suggested by him.

Today, the Church of Risen Redeemer has more than 500 families and around 1000 members attend the Sunday worship service. It is now one of the oldest Parishes in Diocese of Madras with a huge history behind its growth.

We sincerely remember the members of our Parish, who were responsible for laying the seed for a great Church catering to the spiritual needs of people around Kodambakam Area in Chennai City.


  • The Church was run by City Mission since 1959, with a Executive Committee nominated by Diocese of Madras. Mr. A.V. Joseph, Mr. Edwin Masillamani, Mr. Manoah and Dr. P.D. Thompson were the members of the said Committee.
  • Rev. Barnabas and his wife Tmt. Alice Barnabas initiated the efforts to start a Sunday school in the Church Campus. It was earlier conducted in their residence. Mr. E.S. Dharmaraj presently member of Zion Church, Nungambakkam was appointed as the organiser of the Sunday School. Mrs. Masillamani, Mrs. Suguna Joseph and Mrs. Ruby Samuel served as Sunday School Teachers.
  • The site for Church was purchased in 1960.
  • The new Church christened as Church of the Risen Redeemer was dedicated by Rt Rev David Chellappa on 25th October, 1963.
  • Mr. Prince Isaac was the first organizer of the Youth Fellowship and it was started in year 1968
  • The church attained the status of a independent Pastorate in the year 1968 under the Chairmanship of Rev M Azariah.
  • Members of the first Pastorate Committee :


  • Mr .T.D. Manickam


  • Mr. D.L.D. Earnest


  • Miss Padma Issac
  • Mr T Thangaraj
  • Mr. Edwin Dawson
  • Mr. J.A. Lazarus
  • Mr. G. Fredricks
  • Mr S.E. Dharmaraj and Mr M. Pesaliyel- Nungambakkam Area
  • Mr. J.T. William and Mr. D. Nelson - Ashok Nagar Area
  • Mr. M. Manoah, and Mr. G.R. Paul Vadapalani Area
  • 1969 First Extension of the Church.
  • 1970 A land was purchased at Padmanaba Nagar.
  • 1972 Mr Joselyn James & Mr A R Azariah appointed Lay Preachers.
  • 1973 Friday Night Prayer started by Rev R T Bhaskaran along with Youth Fellowship members.
  • 1978 The land behind the church was bought to house the parsonage and Parish hall for the Church under the Chairmanship of Rev. D I Vedhanayagam & Rev. Daniel Chelladurai.
  • 1980 The third extension of the Church was carried out under Chairmanship of Rev Daniel Chelladurai. The church extension was dedicated by Bishop Rt Rev Sundar Clarke on 20th December, 1980.
  • 1987 A small church was build in Padmanaba Nagar under the Chairmanship of Rev T J David.
  • 1994 A new church was built and dedicated at Nungambakkam by Rt Rev Sundar Clarke under the Chairmanship of Rev John Dhanapaul.
  • RRIYO 95 A Diocese level festival for Youth was first organised in 1995.
  • The Church Parsonage cum Parish hall dedicated by Rt Rev V Devasaghayam, Bishop in Madras on 3rd September, 2000 under the Chairmanship of Rev A Karunakaran.
  • Village Churches built at Arungundram, Palamangalam, Periya Veppedu, Sathyavedu, Chithalamangalam between 2000 and 2009.
  • Bi-monthly Church Bulletin was launched from 2001 under the initiative of Rev E W Christopher.
  • Church Library, Administrative Office, Beatification of the Church Campus, Every Sunday noon meal for Lepers, Support for Keerapakkam Old Age Home, Annual Parish Get-together are some of the activities commenced during the tenure of Rev E W Christopher.
  • New Church dedicated at Padmanaba Nagar on 12th October, 2002 by Rt Rev V Devasaghayam, Bishop in Madras.
  • The Old church demolished during end of August, 2009.
  • The New Church construction work was formally commenced on the 6th September, 2009 by Rt Rev V Devasaghayam, Bishop in Madras.

Triennium - 2021-2023

Rev. Dr. N G Matthew
Rev. Dr. Sarah Matthew
Associate Pastor
Mr.V.S. Jebaraj
Mr.D. Godwin

Men above 35

Mr. Mathy Sam
Mr. J. Jeevan Kumar
Mr. P. Maniraj
Mr. S. Immanuel
Mr. S.S. Samuel Raj
Mr. P. Rajan

Women above 35

Dr. Hannah Kayalvizhi
Mrs. Jasmine Jeyaraj
Mrs. C. Roseline Chandra
Mrs. V. Viola George
Mrs. Gethzie Muthupillai
Mrs. C. Jolies Regina


Mr. Paul Prayson Devadason
Mr. Eben Sam Joshua
Mr. Ramerow Jacob
Mr. C. Shibi Nelson

Members List

Years Chairman Secretary Treasurer
From June 2022 Rev. Dr. N G Matthew (Chairman)
Rev. Dr. Sarah Matthew (Associate Pastor)
Mr.V.S. Jebaraj Mr.D. Godwin
2021 to 2022 Rev.Anand Antony Mr.V.S. Jebaraj Mr.D. Godwin
2020-2021 Rev.Anand Antony Mr.T. Santhakumar Mrs.C. Roseline Chandra
2017-2020 Rev.Paul Francis
Rev. Manuel Ebinesar (Associate Pastor 2018-2019)
Rev.Indira Paul (Associate Pastor 2019-2020)
Mr.T. Santhakumar Mrs.C. Roseline Chandra
2015-2017 Rev.Paul Francis
Rev.Indira Paul (Associate Pastor 2015-2016)
Mr.V.S. Jebaraj Mr.D. Godwin
2013-2015 Rev.Baburao Mr.V.S. Jebaraj Mr.D. Godwin
2011-2013 Rev.Baburao Mr.J.Selvakumar Ponpandian Mr.T.Santhakumar
2010-2011 Rev.Baburao Mr.V.S. Jebaraj Mr.D. Godwin
2009-2010 Rev.Imanual Jayakumar Mr.V.S. Jebaraj Mr.D. Godwin
2007-2009 Rev.Imanual Jayakumar Mr.J.S. A. Rajendran Mr.J. Selvakumar Ponpandian
2006-2007 Rev.Imanual Jayakumar Mr.V.S.Jebaraj Mr.D. Godwin
2005-2006 Rev.E.W. Christopher Mr.V.S. Jebaraj Mr.D. Godwin
2003-2005 Rev.E.W. Christopher Mr.J.S.A. Rajendran Dr. Adolf Stephan
2001-2003 Rev.E.W. Christopher Mr.V.S. Jebaraj Dr. Mrs. Brinda Nirmal
1999-2001 Rev. A. Karunakaran Mr.J.S.A. Rajendran Mr. C.S. Anandan
1997-1999 Rev. A. Karunakaran Mr.J.S.A. Rajendran Mr. C.S. Anandan
1996-1997 Rev. A. Karunakaran Mr. Abraham Jayasingh Mr. S. Samraj
Nov 1995-1996 Rev. Samson Pushparan Mr. Abraham Jayasingh Mr. S. Samraj
1995-Oct 1995 Rev. Samson Pushparaj Mr. Abraham Jayasingh Mr. C.S. Anandan
1993-1995 Rev. Dr. John Dhanapal Mr.J.S.A. Rajendran Mr. A. Baskaran
1991-1993 Rev. Dr. John Dhanapal Mr.J.S.A. Rajendran Mr. A. Baskaran
1989-1991 Rev. Wesley Brown Mr.A.Baskaran Mr. A.V. Joseph
1987-1989 Rev. Wesley Brown Mr.J. Bernard Thomas Mr. F. Williams
1985-1987 Rev. T.J. David Mr.J. Bernard Thomas Mr. F. Williams
1983-1985 Rev. T.J. David Dr.R.J. Roshiah Mr. A.V. Joseph
1981-1983 Rev. Daniel Chelladurai Mr.J. Bernard Thomas Mr. A.V. Joseph
1980-1981 Rev. Daniel Chelladurai Mr.J. Bernard Thomas Mr. Ashley Samuel
1979-1980 Rev. D.I. Veda Nayagam
Rev. Daniel Chelladurai
Mr.J. Bernard Thomas Mr. A.V. Joseph
July 1978-Feb 1979 Rev. D.I. Veda Nayagam
Rev. Daniel Chelladurai
Mr.J. Bernard Thomas Mr. Ashley Samuel
1977-1978 June Rev. D.I. Veda Nayagam
Rev. Daniel Chelladurai
Mr.J. Bernard Thomas Mr. S. Chinnadurai
1975-1977 Rev. R.T Baskaran Mr.A.V. Joseph Mr. S. Chinnadurai
1973-1975 Rev. R.T Baskaran Mr.J. Bernard Thomas Mr. S. Chinnadurai
1972-1973 Rev. George Karunakaran Mr.J. Bernard Thomas Mr. F. Williams
1971-1972 Rev. M. Azariah Mr.J. Bernard Thomas Mr. F. Williams
1968-1970 Rev. M. Azariah Mr.T.D. Manickam Mr. D.L.D. Earnest



Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

Malachi 3:10

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Mr.D. Godwin

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Blind Reading

Reading Class for the visually impaired started in the year 2002 under the guidance of our Former Pastor Rev.E.W.Christopher.

Mr. Daniel, who is heading this ministry in Chennai, helps to identify the places and create Groups to help the visually impaired people in their education. He played a vital role in starting this ministry in our church campus.

Leela William is doing a tremendous job by heading the team for this wonderful ministry. Volunteers from our Church do the reading from 4 to 6 PM every Sunday. They also assist in helping them to make teaching aids, writing notes and assignments. They also do voice recording. Some of them also help them by going as scribes during their exams. The volunteers also share their knowledge so that they are kept up-to-date. Having benefitted by all the help rendered by volunteers, students have come up in their life.

Some of them have been benefitted by the guidance and counseling given by the volunteers. The Students have obtained jobs in Government Schools and Colleges and they have become good Teachers and Professors. During Christmas, we celebrate by offering gifts sponsored by our Church.

The problem, we are facing now in this ministry is the lack of volunteers for reading. In the absence of volunteers, many visually impaired brothers come for the session and sit idle for 2 hours.

Most of the Sundays, you can see Leela William aunty requesting the people crossing our church to come as readers for the people who do not have readers. Most of the time people accept the request, even if they have other commitments on Sundays.

As church members, we have to strive to solve this problem in this ministry.

This service requires just 2 hours in a week, which is not much. Join your hands for this wonderful ministry and be a blessing for the people who really need it.

At this time, let us remember what Jesus said in Mathew 25:40 "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."


Beloved in Christ,

"Gospel" is the good news given by a loving God to a perishing world. "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (St. Mark 16: 15), which is the Lord's command, and "desires all men to be saved (I Timothy 2:4), which is the Lord's will have fallen on us, to be fulfilled as a duty by us (I Cor 9:16).

A magnificent and new church was built by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, by the prayers of the members of our church, by the untiring work, and the cheerful giving. On the day of dedication of our new church, and in the issue of our Special magazine, I submit this report and greet you in the Name of our Risen Redeemer Lord Jesus Christ and glorify our Lord.


According to the decision upheld by the church and Diocesan Mission Ministry of South India during the symposium on June 1995, mission ministry was inaugurated by our church in Arukundram village in Chengelpet district which was 55 km from Chennai on July 9, 1995. Pastor Rev. Samson Puspharaj prayed and blessed the village ministry. The mission of our village ministry is to share the gospel with those who do not know Christ, to do good works, and to build churches for the believers to gather and worship.


A group of people gather on the third Sunday of every month to visit villages. They sing songs and walk street by street, preach in street corners, share witness, visit houses, distribute Bibles, pamphlets, pray for the needy, teach children songs, Bible verses and prayer. They also share the gospel by songs, skits, dance, kathakalatshapum and video.

Our medical team will treat the sick in the villages, give them good medical advice and also distribute tonics and health supplements and also pray for them. Every year, in December, Christmas tree is celebrated, games are conducted and prizes, sweets, cakes are given to the villagers. Some are presented with new clothes and home needs products. By our giving, the villagers are made happy. In the last few years, vacation bible school is being conducted and many children and youth are being led to Christ.


Within four months of starting the village ministry, many people accepted Jesus as their saviour in the Arukundram village. For the believers to worship, the foundation work of the church was started on September 17, 1995. The church was to be built on the land which was in the Arukundram high way and belonged to the Andrewpuram pastorate. Pastor Rev. Samson Puspharaj, secretary Mr. J.N. Abraham Jaisingh, treasurer Mr. C. S. Anandan, village mission members gathered to pray and start the work.

A church with dimensions of 30' X 15' and with a total expenditure of Rs. 1, 05, 500 /- was completed in five months, and dedicated by Bishop Rev. MA. Azariah. The church was named as Rev. Adam Andrew Memorial church. During the function, church's service equipments worth Rs. 10, 693/- were given to the church, and by the diocese' B.B.C. plan, widows plan and environmental plan, many benefits were given to the villagers.


The mission work to Vippedu village was started on September 22, 1996. On 29.12.96, along with the Christmas tree function, 10 coconut tree saplings were planted in the 2 grounds selected to build the church and prayers were offered to confirm the land. However, due to the delay in obtaining panchayat approval and patta, the construction of the church was postponed for many years.


To fulfill the promise of the Madhavaram Pannoor pastorate to build a church in Balamangalam village, the family of Mr. V.S. Jebaraj helped to buy a 7 cent land on 29.01.97. In February 1998, Pastor Rev. A. Karunakaran, secretary Mr. J.S.A. Rajendran, treasurer Mr. C. S. Anandan, mission workers gathered to pray and start the building work of the church. The church measuring 30' X 20' was completed in 9 months with a total expenditure of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. The church was named Risen Redeemer Church and was dedicated to the Lord by Bishop Rev. H.S. Dhanraj on 22.11.98.


To fulfill the promise of the Madhavaram Pannoor pastorate to build a church in Balamangalam village, the family of Mr. V.S. Jebaraj helped to buy a 7 cent land on 29.01.97. In February 1998, Pastor Rev. A. Karunakaran, secretary Mr. J.S.A. Rajendran, treasurer Mr. C. S. Anandan, mission workers gathered to pray and start the building work of the church. The church measuring 30' X 20' was completed in 9 months with a total expenditure of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. The church was named Risen Redeemer Church and was dedicated to the Lord by Bishop Rev. H.S. Dhanraj on 22.11.98.


On March 4, 1999, a 50 cent land was bought in Vippedu village with the help of the family of Mr. J.S.A. Rajendran. As our church's parish hall and pastor's residence was being constructed, the building of the Vippedu church was delayed. Pastor Rev. A. Karunakaran, secretary Mr. J.S.A. Rajendran, treasurer Mr. C. S. Anandan, mission workers gathered to pray and start the building work of the church on August 20, 2000. The church of 40' X 22' dimensions was completed with a total expenditure of Rs 2.75 lakhs and was dedicated on March 3, 2001 by Bishop Rev. V. Devasahayam and was named Risen Redeemer Church by him.


From the month of June in 2002, village ministry and medical missions were done in areas like Bethaeetipakkam, Vananellore, Uzhavanellore surrounding Sathyavedu village. Many people in Vananellore accepted Christ as their Lord and also served the mission group with lots of love. Many people in Periyaeetiapakkam accepted Christ as their Lord and were ready to take Baptism.


Sathyavedu was the center point of our ministry for the past 3 years. As per the loving request of our bishop, we decided to build a church in the land belonging to the Sathyavedu pastorate. Sathyavedu Pastor Rev. A. Rathnaswamy, our pastor Rev. E.W. Christopher, secretary Mr. V.S. Jebaraj, treasurer Mr. D. Godwin, gospel workers gathered to pray and start the construction work. The church was completed in a budget of Rs. 6 lakhs and was dedicated to the Lord on 19.05.2005 by our Bishop Rev. V. Devasahayam.


After building the church in Sathyavedu village, we were doing gospel and medical ministry in Sithalamangalam and Malayapalayam villages associated with the Madhuranthagam and Karunguli pastorate. Karunguli pastor Rev. Jebararajan, pastor Rev. Immanuel Jeyakumar, secretary Mr. J.S.A. Rajendran, treasurer Mr. J. Selvakumar Ponpandian, gospel workers prayed and started the work to build a church for the believers to worship. The church was completed in 5 months with a budget of Rs. 6.5 lakhs and dedicated to the Lord on 4.01.2009 by our Bishop Rev. V. Devasahayam.


After building and dedicating the church in Sithalamangalam village in 2009, we continued to do gospel and medical ministry in Sithalamangalam and Malayapalayam villages, all through that year. In May, we conducted VBS for the village children and "school bags" were presented as prizes. In the month of December, we had the Christmas tree function and gave cakes and sweets to all the villagers and presented some with new clothes.


Due to planning of the construction of our new church and other unavoidable reasons, village ministry was hindered. In 2002, while we were doing ministry in Bethaeetipakkam, the believers had requested us to build a church. Keeping in mind their request, our pastor Rev. Y.L. BabuRao, secretary Mr. V.S. Jebaraj, treasurer Mr. D. Godwin, gospel workers went to Bethaeetipakkam in August, where they prayed with Sathyavedu pastor Rev. Daya Moses and the village people to start the building work of the church. It is expected that the building of the church will be completed on a budget of Rs. 6.5 lakhs and is scheduled to be dedicated by our bishop on 17.12.2010.

In the year 2010, under the leadership of our pastor Rev. Y.L. BabuRao, when Mr. V.S. Jebaraj, was the secretary and Mr. Godwin, was the treasurer, Gospel ministry was being carried out by our church's village ministry group in the village of Periyaeetipakkam which belongs to the Sathyavedu pastorate.

During that time, it was decided by our Pastorate committee to build a church in Periyaeetipakkam and a church was built. It was the time when our church was being built, and in spite of financial difficulties, the church in Periyaeetipakkam was completed and blessed and dedicated to the Lord, by our beloved Bishop Rev. V. Devasahayam on 17/12/2010.

The church's dedication ceremony was attended by our Pastor, church members and the members of the Padmanagar church and received the blessings of the Lord joyfully.

A group of our church elders led by our Pastor went to Cuddalore to see the areas damaged by the Thane storm. The church in the Kudikadu area belonging to the Cuddalore harbor pastorate was damaged, and so efforts were taken to repair the church.

The roof of the church was damaged and so it was removed and replaced by asbestos sheets. In Koothapalayam, it was decided by our Pastor Rev. Y.L. BabuRao, secretary Mr. Selvakumar and treasurer Mr. Santhakumar , pastorate committee and church members to build a new church. A new church was built in Koothapalayam and dedicated by our beloved Bishop Rev. V. Devasahayam on 20/10/2012. The service was attended by our church members and members from the villages and we all glorified the Name of the Lord together.


The aim of our Diocese Mission Ministry is to build churches in the villages surrounding Chennai city. The principal goal of our church is to proclaim Christ to those who do not know Him, do good deeds to show the love of Christ, and to build churches for the believers to come and worship together. We hope that the Lord Jesus Christ will transform the hearts of people who worship Him into a temple where He dwells. We pray that the gospel and medical ministry of our church will continue and many villages will accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

T.N.S. Jeyaraj

Convener, Village Gospel Ministry


The call today is to commit ourselves to the work of God in which the blind see, the lame walk, the broken-hearted and the imprisoned people will be set free.

By the Rev. Dr. N G Matthew, Madras Diocese

The central theme for all our Festivals and celebrations, this year, in our diocese, starting from Mission festival is a contemporary, relevant and an inspiring theme 'The Living Water to the thirsty world'. We are familiar with the expression "Test and Context", while preparing and delivery of a sermon. The study of the subject Economics primarily has to do with "Demand and Supply". The very purpose of Jesus' Incarnation, Ministry, Death and Resurrection were meant to fulfill the will of God our Father viz, Redemption and Liberation and building up of the Kingdom of God on earth. In other words He was the Living Water. The calling of the disciples, the church, basically intended to be sent into the needy, vulnerable, sinful, sickly and thirsty world. For the benefit of easier understanding, I would like to approach the theme on the following sub-headings.

  1. The original Ideal World of God (God given Shalom)
  2. The World of hunger and thirst. (Shalom forgotten or set aside)
  3. The potence and the sufficiency of the Living Water. (Shalom Regained)

1. World of Shalom

When God created the world, He was happy and saw the World to be good, useful and meaningful. 'Peace and harmony', integrity of the entire creation, inter-dependence and equitable justice were the governing principles as well as order of the day. Whatever was necessary, needy and required for life were, adequately provided by God.

Prophet Isaiah's world of vision depicts the quality of life, wherein there will be no one doing evil or hurting each other. The promise of the Psalmist can only be appropriated by persons who far, respect and honour God by walking in the ways and paths of light, and righteousness. The most exciting offer to such a person is the life of Jerusalem. Shalom is peace of God. Everything will be in full and in abundance, so that one’s cup overflows to the extent of significant sharing with those 'have not's, will take place constantly.

In the words of Jesus, it is the Kingdom of God, where people live by loving, forgiving and accepting one another as brothers and sisters, without any differences or hierarchy. The members of the early church had everything in common, under the administration of the Apostles. The citizens of the kingdom of God will hunger and thirst for righteousness and will be prepared to face any form of tribulation or even death of the sake of establishing justice on earth. On the whole, the Living Water or fountain of Grace is ever flowing, yielding new fruits, everyday like Forgiveness of sins, Assurance of salvation, Reconciliation and Fellowship.

Therefore, we are called to celebrate Jesus Christ the Saviour, and Immanuel God with us. Praise ye the Lord, His mercy endureth forever. His abundant Grace is sufficient for the whole of creation and His provision is made available for ever. It is an eternal arrangement in God' world.

2. Thirsty World Shalom

The world created by God has witnessed many a downfall mainly due to human interventions like disobedience, greed, lust for more etc., resulting in exploitation, corruption, pollution, abuse of power, oppression of the poor and weak, violence, killing, destruction and death. The situation right from the start has been a life of sin with a sense of guilt, resulting in sickness and slavery. Human reality whether East or West, has full of pain, agony, bloodshed, distortion and once again there is chaos, confusion, fear, doubts ruins etc.,

On the scenario of the natural resources like water, minerals, forests, it has been constantly plundered. Deforestation, conversion of agricultural lands into real estates, illegal mining aided by politicians and government officials has literally created an artificial scarcity of water, rain and electricity and thereby global warming. Due to reckless management by the governments, of the medicines, and food products that are being smuggled or hoarded to create scarcity and fear among people.

The governments are waging war against their own citizens, all in the name of Law and order, discipline etc., clearly demonstrated through firing on people, fake encounters, human rights violations, atrocities against the poor, dalits, and adivisis and religious and linguistic minorities. The quantum of sin, sense of guilt and the thirst/cry is grown and on the increase every day.

Therefore, we are called to hear a perennial cry of people eg: Let my people go? How long can we be patient?

If thou will, you can make me clean?

What can I do to inherit the kingdom of God?

Son of David, have mercy upon us?

Where else can we go, for the Living Word?

What shall we do to be saved?

This is the reality even today in Asia and Africa. The daily newspaper clearly depicts the kind of agony and death due to oppression, starvation, bonded labour, sucking the blood of the innocent. Eg: Srilankans, Maoists & Terrorists.

The passion for the word, solace is now the thirst of people at large, to get relieved from their suffocation, pains and problems.

The Living Water or fountain of Grace is ever flowing, yielding new fruits, everyday like Forgiveness of sins, Assurance of salvation, Reconciliation and Fellowship.

The lost, image, dignity and glory need to be restored to the entire creation. Realizing the all sufficient nature of the Living Water, the fountain of Grace, at least a few people with the compassionate heart, are able to offer the good news of salvation. Goodwill, deeper concern and a wholistic spirituality to the thirsty world. The church at last is now promoting the scheme of the living water , after their own lives being washed, and strengthened and transformed, by themselves quenching on the Fountain of grace, Jesus-the Living Water.

Under such prolonged frustration and slavery, people are very often disoriented, lack in motivation giving themselves to the idea of Karma-or-Fate. We are, called by God the Holy Spirit, to tell the thirsty world, that there is a way out. And God loves them.

3.The potence and the sufficiency of the Living Water. (Shalom Regained)

The wonderful thing amidst the grim and hopeless situation, is that there are people who hunger and thirst for justice and righteousness because they have tasted the Living Water. They have the real good passion for the Word as well as willingness to share the Living Water with the perishing souls.

For generation together, the children, oppressed persons, communities and nations are being brought to Jesus the Living Water, every day for healing and restoration of life from the clutches of Satan.

Where can people find Jesus?

Who is representing Jesus today?

Can the church boldly guide people to Jesus, for the eternal words, living water?

What should be the possible responses of the body of Christ?

People are desperately longing for healing, comforting and welcome in to a newer fellowship. Jesus was compassionate enough, stretched out His hand, touched the leper and blessed him saying, "I am willing be ye clean". Can there be any better way of responses and good will so that the person hither too neglected, unwanted, would not only enjoy the healing touch of Jesus but also regain health, human worth and dignity as well as acceptance and therefore peace of mind granted to them after a long disastrous history of socio-economic-spiritual Tsunami.

Only when we have the compassionate heart of Jesus, we could prophetically deal with the millions of the sheep without as shepherd; Feed the hungry people. Teach people "many things" including politics, secular vocation, clean life and a new spirituality.

1. In the case of Elijah, I Kings 17: 8-16; who was commanded to go to Zarephath, and be fed by a widow. But she had only handful of flour in a bin and a little oil in a jar and was saying I am going to prepare it for myself and my son, that we may eat it and die. Elijah told her not to worry but to do as you have said; meanwhile make me a small cake from it first and bring it to me, and then you can have the rest. For thus says the Lord God of Israel: the bind of flour shall not be used up nor shall the jar of oil run dry; until the day the Lord sends rain on earth; she and her household ate for many days. According to the word of the Lord that it did happen.

2. Look at II Kings 4: 1-7; there was the cry of the woman to Prophet Elisha that the creditor is going to take away 2 of her sons as slaves. She had only a jar of oil in her house. Elisha told her to borrow as many vessels from her neighbours, shut the door and pour oil in all the vessels available. There was no other vessel: therefore the oil ceased. Elisha told her to sell the oil and pay the debtor as well as the balance oil can be good enough to sustain her many, many months.

In both the cases, it was their faith in the word of the prophets and obedience of women, that really brought in miracles, experiencing and enjoying the Living Water.

3. Prophet Ezekiel in 47:8-12; depicts the picture of the Living Water that is ever flowing and wherever it goes, every living thing will live. There will be great multitude of fish; there will be healing; Along the bank of the river on both sides all kinds of trees grow that their leaves and fruits will not wither; but they will be the food and medicine and this will happen every month since the Living Water flows from the Holy Sanctuary. Do you want to become the land that has the blessing of receiving and flowing of the Living Water?

4. John 4:1-15; talks about the Samaritan woman who was realistic person to accept her depravity, in need of such Living Water so that[

a) She could never become thirsty

b) Nor go to that well any more. Because she obeyed the Lord, in turn there arose a fountain in her own self to go to her village, inviting everyone to see and taste the Living Water, as well see the Messiah who offers it to anybody who longs, and ask for it.

Therefore my dear brothers and sisters, the feet, personality and life of those who proclaim that the "Lord Reigns Supreme", are beautiful, handsome and worthy of praise and honour. If we are holy let us advocate Holiness of God, that can quench any kind of thirst around us. What is required is to tell people that Jesus is the Living Water, He loves us all. It has to be demonstrated through our acts of love. Indeed there is abundance of Grace and power to take on any amount of thirst. The blood of Jesus can wash away the sins of the whole world not only now, the present generation but also the entire creations' future.

Let us commit ourselves, like Jesus who proclaimed: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me and therefore I am committed to work for God's kingdom, in which the blind see, lame walk, the broken hearted and the imprisoned people will be set free and therefore I’ll continue to proclaim the year of the Jubilee all along my life.

Unless one has washed himself or herself in the blood of the Lamb of God, we will not inspire or invite people to the ever flowing water of life.

Only when we obey God the Holy Spirit, by hearing fruits of Repentance we will understand the mystery and the potence of the Living Water.

The whole creation is groaning for this realization and reality. The nations will wait for the Fountain of Grace with a sense of awe, to the glory of the Triune God. Do you realize that we the members of the body of Christ and to become the Living Water through our love, deeds and life. Amen. May God Bless you to become a blessing for many.